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If you are charged with a violent crime in the Tampa area, you will absolutely need the best Tampa violent crimes attorney you can find. Due to their nature, violent crimes carry harsher punishments than other crimes. In addition, both law enforcement and prosecutors pursue violent criminal matters more aggressively. This means your attorney will have to be just as aggressive for you to obtain the best possible outcome, as well as know the law on violent crimes inside and out. Facing criminal charges becomes even more serious when it is a violent crime being charged, so you will need an attorney that can deal with the criminal legal system at the highest levels.

A Tampa violent crimes attorney with over 18 years of experience, Marc A. Joseph, P.A. is ready to fight against your violent crime charges. Violent crimes such as assault and battery can be charged at different degrees by prosecutors, and the difference between guilt and innocence could be just one or more simple facts. And going up against an aggressive prosecutor seeking a conviction for the most serious charges possible will not be easy. You need an experienced criminal lawyer to guide you through the criminal process, fight when you need to fight, negotiate when you need to negotiate, and always put your interests first. Marc A. Joseph is the Tampa violent crimes lawyer who can be the legal advocate you desperately need.

Tampa Attorney Marc A. Joseph Represents People Charged with Violent Crimes

With his extensive experience and track record of success as a criminal defense attorney, Marc A. Joseph has handled all types of violent crime cases in the Tampa area, including the following:

Domestic Violence: Domestic violence, which is generally violence between members of a household, has a unique place in Florida law. The issues often overlap with family law, especially where children are concerned. And unlike most other crimes, a person arrested on domestic violence charges may have to remain in jail until he or she has a hearing before a judge.

Battery: A person facing battery charges could be facing a huge range of punishments. You could be facing years of prison for aggravated battery, which is charged when the victim is very seriously injured. And even for simple battery, which can be charged for something as minor as a touch, the difference in penalties is enormous depending on whether you are a repeat offender. Under Florida law, a first-time battery is a misdemeanor, but if the person has a prior battery, their conviction is for a third degree felony punishable with up to five years of prison time.

Assault/Aggravated Assault: Assault generally means making a threat of harm to another person, by either actions or words, and the victim must be in actual fear of the threat. The factual circumstances will vary greatly for assault claims. And if the charges are for aggravated assault, where the assault is done with a deadly weapon or the intent to commit a crime, it is punishable as a third degree felony instead of a misdemeanor.

Attempted Murder: Attempted murder is the crime of taking a step toward killing another person, with the actual intent to kill. Since the step taken toward killing can range from stalking, to use of a weapon, to hiring a hit person, attempted murder cases are often decided over whether the defendant actually had the intent to kill. The punishment can be up to fifteen years in prison for second degree attempted murder and lifetime imprisonment for first degree.

With the huge range of potential charges and punishments for violent crimes, persons facing these charges need an excellent Tampa violent crimes attorney. Marc A. Joseph fits the bill, with years of experience handling criminal cases in the Tampa area courts and a track record of proven success. You need a top-notch attorney to go up against a zealous prosecutor, and Mr. Joseph can be that attorney for you on your violent crime charges.

You Need an Outstanding Attorney for Violent Crime Charges in the Tampa Area

For violent crime charges in the Tampa area, any ordinary defense attorney will not be sufficient. The punishment for violent crimes is severe under Florida law, and both police and prosecutors put a priority on charges for crimes of violence. Violent crime cases also tend to turn on the particular facts of any one case, so you need an attorney who can try to exclude unreliable witnesses, make certain the prosecution proves its case, and asserts all appropriate legal defenses such as self-defense. And if you need to negotiate a plea deal to minimize your punishment, you need someone familiar with the courts, prosecutors, and judges in the Tampa area, to ensure the attorney has prior knowledge and relationships to obtain the best possible result for you.

Marc A. Joseph, P.A. Rises Above the Rest as a Tampa Violent Crimes Attorney

Facing charges for violent crimes is a frightening and confusing ordeal, and the stakes are high. Marc A. Joseph understands this, because he has been handling and resolving violent crime charges in the Tampa area for almost two decades. He also understands his clients need someone who can fight for them and defend their rights, but who will also fully explain the risks. There is usually a way for people accused of violent crimes to avoid the most severe penalties, and Mr. Joseph has vast experience in negotiating favorable plea deals when necessary.

Defending against violent crime charges is a difficult task requiring a great deal of knowledge, experience, and skill. This is why Marc A. Joseph, P.A. is the attorney of choice for people charged with violent crimes in the Tampa area.

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If you have been charged with a violent crime in the Tampa area, you can call the office of Marc A. Joseph, P.A. today to schedule a free consultation. Mr. Joseph will listen to the facts of your case, explain the charges you are facing and your legal options, and work with you for the best possible outcome. For your free consultation, call Tampa violent crimes attorney Marc A. Joseph today at (813) 234-6374.

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